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FAAWA Events: Mapping eclipses in our lives

The importance of astronomy on astrology

Sunday 7 November 2021
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm
South Perth Learning Centre
96 South Terrace, South Perth WA 6151
and online with ZOOM
$15 Concession - $20 Members - $25 Non-Member

Astrology, by its very nature, is a model based on astronomy. If we accept that astronomy underpins astrology, then astrology is preordained by astronomy’s very order. And as such our collective and our own individual stories lie within this complex dance. Astrology is hence mathematical, geometrical and we make use of the grammatical to narrate our interpretations. Organic life here on the blue planet we call home (for now) is complex and is a reflection of the multiplicities of the solar system and beyond. Understanding how the subtle changes in the complexity of astronomy effect astrology can aid us greatly in our delineations.
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FAAWA Events: Gingin Observatory visit

SPECIAL EVENT: Gingin Observatory Visit
FAAWA private tour

Wednesday 10 November
Starting at 8pm
$32 per person
(10+ persons required)

The Observatory boasts a fully retractable roof, state of the art telescopes and amazing WA dark sky offering visitors a world class astronomy experience.
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Astrology Conference

Wealth and Wellbeing Conferencewww.faaconference.com.au  (COMING SOON)

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